Wednesday, November 24, 2010

unwell :(

I was not feeling any good right now.

Been throwing up for few times and big headache.

I feel so defeated right now :(

Please I want to be in good shape.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No title

So apparently I can't upload any pictures now which is to my dismay.

How I wish that I can do it since blogging would be easy for to do.

Besides, posts with pictures are more interesting, right?

Do you agree?


So I am now blogging from my lazy couch using BB


But I can't put up any picture here.

Why eh?

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I saw this handbag which less than 60 bucks

So ingat nk beli la since it was neons ago my last shopping.

But then, out of stuck la plak.

What a bummer!!!!

School Holiday

For those who don't have any kids at school yet and not knowing what happen in school, well just to let you know that it's SCHOOL HOLIDAY!!!

As I wrote this, it's been 4 days now. And to tell you the truth, I miss my kiddos. I wonder how they are doing now.

Anyway, I do not have any plans on how to spend my holidays. A month and half is not a long time. By the time you get used to get up late in the afternoon, eat junk food, bela perut, you realize that you have 2 days more to school. I mean for new term (2011).

But fear not, my school has already planned something for my holiday.

Yes, my lovely school who is so concerned that the teachers don't have anything to do to spend the holiday.

The school has organised few meetings during November.

Which the only meeting that I remember is next week.

I have English Panel Meeting on the 25th of November then another two to three meetings which I can't hardly remember of.

I also have to conduct an extra class on the 12th December for Year 5 kids.

So there goes my holidays.

But it's ok.

That's what we call "Pengorbanan" or "Sacrificer"


Happy holidays to all teachers and pupils!


Dinner was great.

Awesome actually!

Tok cooks some crabs.

Well lotssss of crabsss!!!

Ada chili crabs.

And some fried crabs too.

They were all delicious!!!!


Mud crab Scylla serrata
This is mud crab. I believe it's not the one that I had for my dinner


Halu :)

My last update was on August.

And it was three months ago.


I've not been visiting my blog since then.

Apologies in advance.

A lot of things happened.

And I believe things do happen for a (or maybe few) reason.

Anyhoo, I wish everyone the best of life.

I'm sure I'll write some more hence the time I got is pretty limited (and also the Internet connection)