Thursday, December 2, 2010

Want to shop

So the Government has deposited an amount of money (RM 500) for parents to spend on their kids' stuff to school (bantuan khas or something) and since I don't kids on my own yet, I've decided to do some shopping.

Oh hello :) Sorry forgot to greet you all.

Anyways, back to the shopping stuff, I haven't done much online shopping lately so I think tonight I wanna do some.

Which to my dismay :(

I couldn't find anything interesting, let alone to shop.

I want to buy some kain to make baju kurung or kebaya, but on the second thought I think I want to look the kain in person first and touch and feel the kain first before I purchase one.

So no kain.

Next, handbagssssss. Yes I want to buy some handbags since most of my handbags are not in good condition no more (ceh alasan jer). So I browse few bags that really caught my attention. But I don't know why, the same thinking like the first one I'm having with kain hits me back.

I have to see, belek, touch and feel the material of the bags first.

So again no bagsssssss :(

Why I'm having these feelings?

Normally I just order things that I like at the first sight, but now I kinda use my logic thinking.

Maybe online shopping is not meant for me anymore.


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